Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hey! OK so lets get to it!! This blog is new and i can't just post everything myself so I'm looking for some good writers! Here are what we need!

                                         ANY ONE? MAYBE YOU?

We need people who know stardoll and are interested in stardoll. who are okay with sparing some free time on stardoll and blogging, and who preferably are good within proxy use and searching in particular.
And you should post about freebies. I know a lot of you probably are having amazing ideas for other sections, but let's just stick to the basics here - this is free stuff only blog.
So - anyone is interested for writing about freebies and making many stardoll member lifes better within being helpful? And BTW comment if you want to be a 


1)LINK to a post you have written or your blog (preferably about freebie)- I won't pay attention to follower count, what matters to me - is being able to explain the steps in decent English.
(NB! If you haven't ever posted- REACT FAST and Create a blog on any site and just try out how it would be alike to write a post about a freebie, there have been quite many items which haven't been mentioned here due, so go on and give it a try)
2)Approximately amount of hours you spend on stardoll
3)Capable of finding and using proxies - Yes/Not so much
4)How long have you been reading underneth stardoll? (I'm curious but i get its only been two days for this blog)
5)Your top favourite Stardoll related blogs
6)Your Stardoll username:
7)Name: (or how should we call you)
8)Age (and school year preferably):
9)Any suggestions in general what underneth needs to become better (and how you may help)

Or if you are lazy at the moment - just a link to a post you have written and your stardoll username will do.

Underneth  must regain it's status for being a daily updated blog of new and still working freebies. I hope You will help us.


  1. 1)LINK: I was selected to write for maura-stardoll ( we ♥ stardoll)But then they didn't want more writers so I didn't write for quite a long time..I also wrote for stardoll Ecstasy by oishirifa for a long time but the blog is closed now

    2)Well whenever I come online it's like approximately 4 hours I spend more than half of the time on stardoll

    3)Capable of finding and using proxies - Yes..I am very good at this

    4)How long have you been reading underneath stardoll? Not for long
    5)Your top favourite Stardoll related blogs: Apart from HTGF there is Underneath Stardoll

    6)Your Stardoll username: Arora199
    7)Name: Arora or Naymisha

    8)Age (and school year preferably):I am going to turn 13 in a few days...

    9)Any suggestions in general what Underneath Stardoll needs to become better (and how you may help): I would really like Underneath Stardoll to get more opportunities to non superstars and new members...I would basically like to give tutorials on many things people yet don't understand....and yes also make a banner for the blog...i do stardoll graphics designing...

    1. Great! I love it! But one thing.........ummmm.......I kinda dont know how to make banners or do graphic designs! Can you help as being F.U.S manager?? :) And if you say yes may I please have your email address?