Sunday, 15 December 2013

Attention!!! FASHION WEEK!!

Do you want to be the face of fashion? Well this is the right place to start! You can be the face of fashion!

Underneth Stardoll ( FUS) is going to be searching around stardoll to see which doll is all dolled up and ready the be '' Face Of SFW '' If you want to join sure! Just come to my suite lilyswan123 and write in my guestbook that your all dolled up and you want to be the face of SFW! Me or my friend Arora199 will go to your suite and see if your ready or not! If you get chosen then we will right in your guestbook '' Congratulations! You have been chosen to be the '' Face Of SFW '' on underneth.stardoll! Thats all! And P.S spread the word about this blog! We want everyone to come to this! We already have 433 views from all around the world! xoxo Mia :D

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