Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hey! I know I haven't done capture for a while! I was really busy! so if you want to be capture or you want a shout-out post stardoll username bellow! And Happy Canada day and fourth of July! Its a bit late but oh well! And a little secret I am a proud Canadian! YAAA! And for the people that are fasting like me good luck and Eid is in 6 day! Another secret on Eid im gonna post some cool stuff so stay tuned and tell your friends!And also I am so proud and happy about this blog and how it became! we already got 27 different country's  from around the world to view this blog!! bai!

              xoxo Mia :D
 the photo bellow is a sneak peek at the next blog cover! if you have any tips comment bellow!

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