Thursday, 3 July 2014


Hello, I hope you are having a lovely day.
I bet a lot of you are already or nearly on Summer break, to finally enjoy some more spare time and, let's be honest, also the internet :D

Lately I have tried to connect more with stardoll again, and I have been dealing with this issue of SOMEONE who creates alot new stardoll accounts and SENDS FRIEND REQUESTS WITH possibly hacking-related LINK THAT YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT.
They look like these:
I personally have tried to. It does not work I think its cuz I gave wrong info but do not try it. Like I even got one today! The person(s) keep creating more and more of those accounts. For past days I have gotten like six of such friend requests from same looking doll, different nickname. You may block one, but the next day comes another and another..
I suggest you, for your own safety, to NEVER VISIT ANY TO SHORTENED LINKS. EVER. Especially if you are logged on anywhere - I am not talking about stardoll specifically. I also mean your twitter, facebook, blog, internet bank account - ANYTHING. So please, be aware and SPREAD THE WORD about not visiting these links and that they are just a scam. Many new members might not find this suspicious. And this may become even more serious.

And to have this stated - there, unfortunately, isn't any extra way of getting stardollars, only the offers built in stardoll page itself. THERE ARE NO LINKS FOR FREE STARDOLLARS. NON OF THEM. Only on very few special events stardoll makes either tasks or campaigns, but they all are built in page itself, not some random links like these.

I am sorry for the long post, but I wanted to point this problem out, so everyone could stay safe.
xoxo Mia :D

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